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I thought I’d put a page up for my recommendations.  These are all products I actually use and love, in case you want to check them out for yourself.  I do a lot of research with most products I use, and these are no exceptions.  They are definitely the best products for my situation, but do your own research to see if they fit your needs as well.

Some of these companies happen to offer commission for online referrals.  That does not influence my choice in choosing them, but I did sign up for their referral program if they have one.  So if you do want to sign up for one of these products, click on the links below if you want to give me a little bonus for recommending them to you.

Budgeting: YNAB

YNAB is the greatest piece of software I’ve ever used, plain and simple.  It’s changed my whole philosophy on money.

Read my review on YNAB for more information.



Syncing: Dropbox

Dropbox sign-upI’ve used dropbox for years to keep important files synced between the two computers in our house.  I’ve used it for YNAB before it was incorporated into the software.  Now YNAB fully takes advantage of automatically staying in sync by using Dropbox, and it works really well.  I put all sorts of things in dropbox.  Sign up by clicking on the image to the left, and we’ll both get some extra space!

Checking: Schwab

I used to use Bank of America, but switched to Schwab checking.  They offer much better customer service, free checks, and pay you interest on the money in your account.  It’s a completely different experience, and much better.

Savings: Credit Union and ING DIRECT

Ok, I use two companies for my savings.  I found the best rates at my local credit union, but they have some restrictions.  You have to use so many debits per month to get a high interest return on your checking account.  So I transfer most of my savings to this checking account to get the high interest return.

But I also use ING DIRECT (Now Capital One 360) for some extra savings. They have better rates than anywhere other than my local credit union, and they have no restrictions!  You can also link your checking accounts to your ING account, and easily transfer money in and out with no fees.

Cell Phones: Ting

178079-tinglogoI have never been excited about a cell phone provider before, but Ting changed all that for me.  They have a completely unique business model that changes based on your actual usage every month.  It’s how a cell phone company should be run.

Read my review on Ting for more info.

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