About Me

I’m a software developer that is obsessed with personal finance.  I subscribe to several blogs, and love talking/reading about finances.  I am really becoming an expert at how to get out of debt, and love giving advice to help people learn to manage their money.

When my wife and I were getting married, we were forced to go to a seminar (since we’re Catholic).  One of the topics was how to manage your finances.  Now, I’ve always been pretty good with my money, but was completely lost when it came to merging my money with my wife’s.

After attending the seminar, I started looking into budgeting, and came across one of the greatest software applications I’ve ever used – You Need A Budget (YNAB).  I started reading all the forum posts, which got me more interested in how to manage money.

I heard about Dave Ramsey, and started to know all his insights, just from hearing other people’s opinions on his books and ideas.  Since then, I’ve listened to a lot of his podcasts.  My views aren’t as extreme as his, but I did start to adopt some of his principles, mixed with YNAB’s architecture and my own views as they developed.

Now, years later, I’m an expert on how to get out of debt, and how to start saving for retirement.  I understand all the principles on different types of debt, and what to look for when making large purchases (like a house or a car).

Want to hear more, or need some advice?  Just email me at jd@pohlman.us.  I’ll gladly do my best to help you out in your situation.

Hope you enjoy my blog!