The Benefits of Having Good Neighbors – And Actually Talking to Them

I believe that part of your responsibility of living in a neighborhood is to be a good neighbor.  If you help your neighbors out, you will get help in return.  It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.  I’ll give you an example, just from what happened today.

I worked from home, and finished up my work just in time to hear it thundering outside.  I checked the radar, and timed the storm moving in.  I figured I had about a half hour before it hit our house.  It normally takes me 30-40 mins to mow the lawn, depending on if I trim, edge, etc.  I decided I could hurry up and get it done before it started raining.

I started mowing really quick, and got part of the front yard done.  My neighbor across the street saw me mowing, and saw the storm coming in, so he grabbed his lawn mower and just came into my yard, signaling me to go to the back yard.

As I was mowing the back yard, I felt some raindrops. I finished up the back yard, then helped my neighbor mow a few passes on the side to finish up.  I got the lawn mower put away, and a few minutes later it started raining.  I wouldn’t have gotten it done without his help before it rained.

But the storm moved more south than actually hitting our area, so it quit raining.  My other neighbor started weed eating some really tall weeds behind his fence.  I decided I could weed eat my yard too, since it wasn’t raining any more.  So when I finished up my yard, I went and helped him finish up.

Our three households are starting to form a nice little bond.  We share tools between all of us, and we are always there to help each other out.  They give me much needed advice all the time, and I try to help them out whenever I can.

Being a good neighbor allows you to form good friendships and allows you to rely on each other.  People are always stronger when they work together, instead of trying to do everything yourself.  So get to know your neighbors if you haven’t already.  They could end up being like a second family to you.