Finishing Our Basement

I’m currently in the middle of the largest project I’ve ever undertaken: finishing our basement.  When we bought our house, they started work on a large family room in the basement.  They got the walls up, drywall up (both walls and ceiling), and got most of the taping and mudding done.

Then we made an offer on the house.  They told us they had to stop work on the basement as-is for that price. I was fine with that.  I figured they did most of the hard work, and I could just finish it whenever.

Four years later, I’ve decided that now is the time to complete it.  I’m adding a bedroom adjacent to the family room, so that will get a lot more livable space down there.  I’m doing all the work myself so far, which is taking a long time.  It’s hard to find some free time with two kids 2 and under and a pregnant wife at home, but I am making progress.

So far, I’ve got the walls all studded out and most of the drywall up on the walls.  I have one more sheet to put up, and still have to put drywall up around the window frame, but it’s mostly done.  I have the electric all hooked up, so we can use the outlets in the room.  Next comes the most tedious part of the whole project: taping and mudding.

Even though adding a brand new room to a basement sounds like a complicated process, it’s really not.  You just have to make sure things are level/plum, and check your measurements before you make any cuts.  If you’re a beginner, this site should help you out with framing:

My only advice on drywall is to stick a scrap piece of drywall at the bottom to give you a little gap between the drywall and the concrete floor.  If you don’t do that, you run the risk of your drywall getting wet, which will ruin it.

Here’s what the “bedroom” looked like before I started working on it (this is the view from the door going into the room):


This is the only picture I have of before. It’s looking through the doorway into the full unfinished area that I’m turning into a bedroom

And here’s what it looks like in it’s current state:


This is the same picture as before, looking through the doorway.


From the other side of the room, looking back out the door


From the corner where the door is, looking at the wall with the window

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