YNAB Quick Tips – Handling Business Reimbursements

Most things work well within YNAB, but there are a few exceptions.  When your work decides to send you on a trip, and they expect you to pay for everything on your card, how does that fit into your budget?  You shouldn’t have to budget for something that’s not even in your personal budget, especially since you will be reimbursed once you return.  And what happens if it takes them a couple weeks to pay you back, and your budget rolls over to the next month in the meantime?  How do you handle a situation like that in YNAB?

Here’s what I do.  I have a category called Work Expenses, and I budget exactly $0 each month to that category.  When I get sent on a trip for work, I put all my expenses in that category.  I change the Overspending Settings (click on the dollar amount in the remaining column to see it) to “Subtract it from next month’s category balance.”  Warning: use this setting with caution, as it can really wreak havoc with your budget.  In this case, it works perfectly though.

With this setup, you can just throw everything you get that’s a work expense into that category and not have to worry about how it impacts your budget.  Even if your work takes until the following month to pay you back, you don’t have to worry about it.  And the negative balance will be your reminder that you need to bug your work to pay you (or fill out your expense report!).

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to work out a way to enter reimbursable work expenses in YNAB for ages! Finally my budget is straight again.

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