New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – End of Year Results

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hit any of my 2013 New Year’s Goals.  We had a lot of changes throughout the year that really impacted some of our goals.

1) Reduce debt by 68.33%.
Target: 68.33%, Actual: 36.93%. Our financial priorities shifted a couple times throughout the year, and I didn’t get as much paid off of our student loan debt as I would have liked.  My wife had to cut her working days from 4 to 3 due to our daycare provider needing surgery, which forced us to change providers.  The new provider could only take our youngest for 3 days a week, because she already had another infant.  We also found out we were pregnant with our third child in 4 years, so we had to start saving for a larger vehicle and the eventual birth of our third child.  Then our renters decided to just skip town, so we had to start preparing for making two mortgage payments.  Needless to say, our student loan debt became a much lower priority by the end of the year.  For completeness, here’s a graph of the final progress:


2) Run a 5k.
I almost did a couple of these throughout the year, but it never happened.

3) Complete a bike race.
I didn’t do the one bike race I wanted, and never really got back into riding a bike like I thought after Blake was born.

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