My Honda Fit – Customized!


I previously talked about buying a Honda Fit, and adding space to it to be able to use it as a truck.  Well, I’ve done all that, and wanted to show you some pictures of what I customized with my Fit.

Before I get to the pictures, I just want to say how much I love this little car.  It is extremely practical, has a ton of storage space in the back (due to the hatchback design), gets 40mpg with the way I drive (I got the manual transmission), and is a fun little car to drive.  You can change the configuration of the seats so you can fit more in the car than you’d expect, too.  I’ve fit 8 foot long 2X4’s and 4X4’s in the car with the hatch closed simply by folding the back seat and front passenger seats down.  The back seats can fold up as well, leaving room for tall storage.  This is my favorite car I’ve ever owned.

Ok, on to the customizations!  I got the windows tinted, because the sun shined through and was really bright on the kids in the back seat.  I think the car looks better with the tinted windows, and it keeps it cooler in the summer months.

A view from the side, so you can see the tinted windows (in IL, the front can’t be tinted as much as the back, so that’s why it looks that way).

A view from the back.P1020398

I got a phone charger/docking station to use my phone as a GPS.  This ends up being even better than a built-in GPS because the maps are automatically updated for free (with Google Navigation), and you can type in the address before you even get to your car, and just plop your phone in the docking station, ready to go.  (You get an added bonus of seeing everything in my garage from this picture)P1020400

My only real complaint about this car was that there was no center console.  There wasn’t even an armrest for the passenger, but Honda has a center console that was an added accessory.  I added that to the purchase of the car, and it makes things much nicer.

I purchased a hitch online from, and installed it myself.  The wiring for the trailer is run through the trunk, so you don’t see it in this picture.  I use this to haul a trailer and our bikes when we ride.  I also plan on getting a hitch mounted cargo carrier so I can add more space without hauling the trailer around.


This one is a view of my trailer in action.  I hauled a half ton of dirt to fill in some low spots in our back yard.  My car handled it like a champ!  I also picked up just over a half ton of bricks for my neighbor the same afternoon, so my trailer had double duty that day.IMAG0379

In addition to what I’ve already done, I really want to add a cargo carrier to the back and a roof rack to haul additional items.  I’ll get those two items later on, once we save up some extra money to pay for them.

If you’re thinking about getting a Fit, or a car like it, go for it.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you make with your car purchases.  It’s inexpensive compared to most vehicles, and more practical.  Definitely a smart vehicle purchase.


I love Fall.  I love the colors of the trees when the leaves are changing, along with the leaves falling off the trees.  I love the cooler temperatures that are perfect for being outside.  I love how the grass starts to be able to recover from the scorching summer heat, and starts turning green again.  I love planting grass seed and watching it come up, too.

Fall makes me want to do everything outside.  I want to plant trees in the back yard, finish off our fence, put rock down on the sides of our house, and extend the landscaping around the whole house.  If it didn’t cost a lot of money to do all that, I would have it done by now. I get the itch to do that stuff every Fall.

Fall makes me want to wash my car.  It makes me want to take the kids outside and play in the cooler temperatures.  I even love it when it’s a little chilly, and you have to wear a hoodie in the evenings.

I love planting Mums out in pots in our driveway, and watching all the blooms as the season progresses.  We just did that this past weekend.

I love getting pumpkins, too.  This year will be fun carving pumpkins with both kids.  I can’t wait.

Fall is probably my favorite time of year for watching sports, too.  I love watching football on Sunday afternoons, and playoff baseball is right around the corner.  The Cardinals are usually in the playoff hunt in September, and I love it when they are still playing deep into October.  I have even been known to grow a playoff beard a few times while they are in the playoffs.

I just love everything about Fall.  It’s probably my favorite season of the year.  Christmas would be right up there with it, but as far as the natural four seasons of the year goes, Fall is probably my favorite.

New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – Eight Months

I’m really late on this post this month, but we did make some progress.  It seems like we’re going somewhere every weekend right now, and things won’t slow down until at least later in October.  Here’s an update on my 2013 New Year’s Goals:

1) Reduce debt by 68.33%.
Target: 41.29%, Actual: 31.48%. We actually made positive progress so far, but that’s only because I took the money out of my flexible spending this month (which I’ve included in the plan).  This will be a tough goal to reach, now that Megan’s only working 3 days a week.  Here’s a graph of the progress so far:


2) Run a 5k.
I ran twice in August.  Since Megan joined her bootcamp class, I’m having a hard time getting in the running mode.

3) Complete a bike race.
This one probably won’t happen.  We did get out on the bike for the first time with Blake earlier this month.

Baby Teeth

Our kids are both pretty good sleepers, so when nights like last night happen, we take notice.  Our 10.5 month old woke up every couple hours all night long.  We figure he has to be teething, because that’s just not like him.

Our two year old has always been an awesome sleeper too, but it was rough when she started getting her teeth in.  She’d sleep through the night for about two weeks, then have a two week stretch where she’d be up every couple hours, due to the teeth coming in.  It looks like we might be starting that with our youngest now.

The difference is that when it was just our oldest, we could sleep in since she didn’t get good sleep either.  Now, it never fails that when he has a rough night of sleep, she wakes up early.  This morning, she got up at 6 and walked right into our room and climbed in bed.  She usually sleeps until around 7 or 7:30.

As a side note, my hosting provider moved things around about a week and a half ago, and I didn’t realize I had the IP address stored to connect to the database.  Long story short: my blog has been down since the beginning of the month.  It’s back now though, and it shouldn’t go down again.