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Do you listen to music, but pay over $1.00 per song on iTunes?  I used to do that, but recently a coworker showed me a new legal site to download music –

When you sign up, you have to enter your credit card info to buy credits you can use toward purchasing music.  That made me a little nervous, but my coworker has been doing it for a while, so I knew the site was legit.  It only costs $0.16 per song, as opposed to the $1.29 iTunes charges.  I decided to try it out.  I bought $32 worth of credits, and got a bonus $12 for buying that amount a the time.  I also noticed that I had a $0.32 credit just for signing up and verifying my email address, so you can purchase two songs for free before you even enter your credit card info.

The real benefit of the site is that it’s organized in a clean manner, similar to iTunes.  It’s easy to search for a song, purchase it, and download it.  If you are syncing your music to iTunes, you just have to go through one more step of adding it through the iTunes user interface (Go to File > Add File to Library).  I usually delete the original after that, as i have iTunes keep my music organized by artist, so it makes a copy when it imports.

So if you’re still using iTunes, try out iomoio.  I like it much better.  If you buy a lot of music, it will save you a ton of money.  Give it a shot for yourself, and leave a comment on what you think!

4 thoughts on “Cheaper iTunes Replacement – IOMOIO

  1. I was using LegalSounds for years and having no problems, unfortunately it was shutdown (finally, they were working in blurred lines) I came across your post when looking for an alternative. Since it has been months since you “found” this site, do you like it? Have you run into any problems?

    • I would still highly recommend the site. I’ve been using it since making this post, and have had exactly zero issues. The songs are all well organized, easy to find, and I haven’t had any issues with anything on their site.

      • Thanks for the reply. I will start with a minimum and see how it goes. Very sad to see LegalSounds closed but thanks for your insight.

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