My Son, The Cardinal Fan

I found out last night that my 7 month old son is a Cardinal fan.  How do I know this?  He normally gets a bath around 8, drinks his bottle, and goes to sleep by 8:30.  He’s been on this bedtime routine for most of his life, but last night he decided to change it.

He took a two hour nap before the game started, so he could be rested enough to stay up late.  That’s unusual for him.  The game was delayed until 8:15 due to a rain delay.  Blake got his bath, and drank his bottle that his mom was feeding him.  Typically, once he finishes his bottle, he falls asleep on mommy.  Not last night.  With his eyes wide open, he stopped sucking on the bottle, and stared at me.  Then he got a big smile as if he was telling me something.  So Megan gave him to me to hold for a while, and I sat him on my lap facing the TV.  He sat on my lap and watched the game until almost 10:00, until we finally decided just to put him to bed.

He must have heard me talking earlier in the week about how I was excited to watch Michael Wacha make his first big league start, so he planned out the whole thing so he could watch as well.  He must be a Cardinal fan, don’t you think?

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