First Family Trip With the Trailer

This past weekend, we took both kids and both dogs to visit family that’s about 3 hours away.  We left Friday, and came back Sunday, so we needed things to entertain them along with everything that’s needed for naps and overnight items.  Since our youngest is only 6 months old, we have a bouncy seat and a mat for him to play with on the floor, and those two items are all he really needs.  The problem is that they take up a lot of space.  Throw in two strollers and a baby gate because the house we stayed at had a basement, and we couldn’t fit everything in either one of our two vehicles.

As those that follow this blog knows, I used to have a truck.  This would be no problem with a truck.  Load everything in the back and go.  And my truck had a tonneau cover on it, so everything would be nice and dry if it rained.  And it poured all day while we made the trip.  I saw that we got 2.5 inches of rain while we were gone, and most of it was the day all our items sat outside in the weather.

But we don’t have a truck anymore.  I replaced it with a covered trailer for days just like this.  We loaded everything into the trailer, covered it up, and hooked it up to my Honda Fit to make the 3 hour trip.  In order to make good time, we decided to meet at a commuter lot so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way home in the opposite direction, so I had to take the trailer to work with me.  Did I mention it rained all day long?

Well, after sitting in the pouring down rain for 8 hours while I was at work, and another 2.5 hours on the drive up, everything was dry for the most part.  There were a couple of items that got wet from the bottom of the trailer.  Once we got back home, I saw some holes in the bottom of the trailer that would allow water to come up from the road as I drove. So I just caulked those up so they won’t be a problem next time.  Problem solved.

The best part about this is that my “truck” has a lot less maintenance than any vehicle.  I just checked the tire pressure before we left, verified that the lights worked, and caulked up a part of it when we got back. No oil to change, no brakes to fail, or anything like that.  And when I drove to work Monday morning, I got my 40mpg vehicle back.  With the trailer and a full load with wife, two kids, and two dogs, it was down to 34mpg, which is still better than most vehicles on the road.  As an added bonus, I got the higher mpg’s while we were at her family’s place too, as the trailer was disconnected just sitting in the driveway.

In basically every way, the trailer is a better experience than having a truck.  You can attach it when needed, and just let it sit when you don’t.  You get much better mileage than you would in any truck, even with the trailer attached, and you get even better when you simply detach the trailer.  Once you get over the whole stigma of attaching a trailer to a car, you’ll realize it makes a lot of sense.  Sometimes it pays to be a little weird.  It gives you a good conversation starter too.  Maybe you can educate others on how to be more efficient with their vehicles as well…

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