New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – Ten Months

I’m not going to hit my workout goals this year, as stated in my New Year’s Goals, so I am not going to include them going forward. I would like to start working out again, but Brooke just takes up too much of that part of my day.  Maybe we could adjust her schedule starting in the spring when it warms up outside.

I will still cover the debt reduction though, as we are still on track to hit that goal.  Our debt reduction will be less going forward, as far as this chart goes, but that’s just because we are refinancing our house to a 15 year mortgage. So we will be out of debt quicker in the long run, but it’ll take us longer to get out of our non-house debt.

Reduce non-house debt by 47.57%. This was our month with no income, but I did take some money from our emergency fund to pay off one of our student loans.  It was so close to being paid off, and it would sit there for another month, so I just paid it off.  Reduced by 28.12% so far, where we should be more like 39.65%.  We are above the revised goal (27.8%) though.

  1. Here’s a graph of how we’re doing.