Christmas Budget/Personal Finance Links

Well, it’s September.  If you followed my earlier post about creating a Christmas budget, you should have 75% of it filled up.  If you still haven’t started, add up how much you spent on Christmas last year, divide it by 4, and save that every month.  You still have time if you start right now, but it gets harder every month.

 Here’s some personal finance links I’ve read over the past few months that I wanted to share with you:

  • I’ve been driving my manual transmission, 1997 Honda Civic different since reading this article from Mr. Money Mustache about hypermiling, and have gotten a few more mpg since that time.
  • I’ve always thought about social capital, but never new it had a name.  J.D. Roth explains it.  I always try to help others whenever I can, and it has the added benefit of others being there when you need them.  I remember after we first moved to our new neighborhood and I watered my neighbor’s lawn while they were out of town for a while.  They wanted to give me a check for helping them out, and I refused.  I told them I’m sure they could help me out with something in the future.  That’s what neighbors are for. 
  • On a lighter note, Jessie from YNAB talks about the true meaning of a cleared transaction.  This one’s just a joke that I really liked, and think that everyone on a budget can relate to at one point or another.
  • I’m in agreement with MMM on domestic outsourcing vs doing things yourself.  I enjoy doing things around the house myself, whether it’s changing the oil in our vehicles to yardwork to finishing our basement.
  • We always hear about cash flow.  Trent from The Simple Dollar explains why you should pay off your low interest debts as quickly as possible.

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