Summer Is Here/Personal Finance Links

A week ago marked the unofficial start of Summer, and I can tell.  I’ve been spending a lot less time indoors, and working on more outdoor projects.  We’ve planted some flowers in our yard, added to our landscaping, and put in a pool.  We’ve also been spending some time cleaning up our rental property, as the previous renters moved out.

This means I haven’t had much time to work on indoor projects, like my online store and this blog.  I’ll still update throughout the summer, but it’ll just be fewer posts than what you’ve been used to.  So don’t forget about my blog.  It’ll pick back up in the Fall when it cools down again.  I’ll still try to have a post every week or two in the meantime, though.  Stay informed by clicking the Like button at the top right of this blog.  If you click that Like button, you’ll get an update on Facebook every time I have a new post.

I thought I’d add some links for you to take a look at, if you’re interested in reading more about personal finance.  Here are some I’ve read that I’d like to share:

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