Lent – The Next 40 Days

I am Catholic, so I follow the belief that the 40 days prior to Easter are Lent.  Most people (including Catholics) believe this means this means giving up something during that time, and that is partially true.  You are supposed to sacrifice something, or do something to make yourself a better person/Catholic.  I tend to lean toward self-improvement instead of giving up something.  It’s sort of like a mini-goal, if you will.  One that you can accomplish within 40 days.

I keep getting this feeling like I’m not as religious as I could be.  My wife converted to Catholicism before we got married, and she got a couple books explaining some of the detail of what Catholics believe (This Is Our Faith and Catholic Customs & Traditions).  They covered most of one of the books in class, and expected you to read the other book in your own time.  I’ve been meaning to read that book for the past few years, and haven’t ever done it.

So over the next 40 days, I will read both of those books, which I believe will help me get closer to God, and to better understand my own faith.  I also found a few Catholic blog sites I will start reading.  I have been a Catholic my entire life, but I still feel that I don’t know as much about my own faith as I should.  My goal this Lent is to better understand my faith by reading these two books.

Note: I don’t typically post anything regarding my religion, but this is an exception.  I really want to get deeper in my faith, and I found that writing about my goals helps me stick to them better.  So I probably won’t mention much else about my faith, because I know it’s a touchy subject to read about online.

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