New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – Two Months

It’s now March, so it’s time to give an update on my New Year’s Goals.  I will review my goals at the beginning of every month, to help serve as a reminder to everyone to check their progress throughout the year.

  1. Sell old house.
    We listed our house for sale two days ago.  It’s at a lower price than I’d like, but we can still get what I estimated out of it (assuming someone pays full price for it).  Our renters are flexible, and willing to move out before the end of May if we sell it before then.
  2. Reduce non-house debt by 47.57%.
    Reduced by 6.75% so far, which is now behind the pace (according to the pace, we should be at 7.93%).  I had extra money to put toward it in January, but February didn’t work out so well.  Since we live on last month’s paychecks, February was a low income month for us.  Megan took two weeks off (unpaid) between her jobs at the end of the year, so the paycheck came in January (which impacted our budget for February).  We still put a decent amount toward it, but no extra from what I already had planned.   My estimate for our tax refund was too high too, so we won’t have as much as I planned coming from that source either.  I also had some extra planned for a bonus too, not knowing if I’d even get a bonus this year (since I started in the middle of last year).  I got some, but unfortunately it didn’t make it toward our debt.  I also now have to cover the expenses of starting the business, so that’ll put us back a little for the next few months.
  3. Be able to jog 5 miles without walking.
    I just switched from running 1.5 miles per workout to 2 miles per workout at the beginning of this month.  I ran twice since then, and made it the two miles the first time, but still only went 1.5 miles today.  I’m still having some issues getting the third workout in, but at least I’m working out twice a week.
  4. Do 100 push-ups in 3 minutes.
    I switched up my routine for this, but I am still making progress.  100 push ups doesn’t feel as large of a task as it did at the beginning of the year.  I think I’ll make this earlier than the end of the year.
  5. Do 200 sit-ups in 3 minutes.
    This is even easier for me than the push ups.  Today I did 5 sets of push-ups with very small breaks in between, and averaged around 33 push-ups per set.

Other than the debt reduction, I think we’re on a good pace for hitting our goals.  I still have faith in the debt reduction, but the online business and baby are going to hurt it some.

Now that another month has gone by, how are you doing with your workout goals?  Still making progress, or have you slipped now that two full months have gone by?

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