Home Depot Water Test Review

We had someone in Home Depot ask us if we wanted to get our water tested, and we were curious, so we said yes.  The person in Home Depot said it was a company affiliated with Home Depot doing the water testing, not Home Depot themselves.  The company that came to our house was Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, and they came tonight.

They said the test would take about an hour to do.  They ran through a bunch of different things, like showing us how soft/hard the water is, the impurities in it, etc.  She talked about all the products that are used to deal with all the impurities (fabric softener, laundry detergent, lotion, conditioner, etc.), and how those are not needed anymore if you have the right kind of water.

So after about a 2 hour demonstration of all this (along with showing us the system they have, and how it is much better), we were convinced that we should get something like it.  Then she starts talking about their product, which is called RainSoft Solution.  It’s around this point in time that I realized it was going to be one of those “buy it now to get this great deal” type of sales pitches.  But I thought this was a good product, and was willing to pay a reasonable price for it.  This was different to me than most of those sales pitches.  She worked with us to estimate how much we spend on all those products listed above that would no longer be needed, and it came out to about $30/mo (which fits right in line with how much I budget for them every month).

Then it comes to the price of their product.  $6400 to buy the product and get it installed.  Oh, but they would give us a 6 year supply of a better, organic version of all those products listed above, which she claimed to be an $81/mo value (don’t ask me how it’s so much different from what we’re currently paying for the same stuff).  But we’d only get the free household products if we purchased it tonight.  Yeah, a $6400 decision is fully expected to be made within a 2 1/2 hour timeframe.

So I was totally honest with her.  I told her that I think they have a great product, but I can’t make a $6400 decision in one night.  I said something like this: “So I think you have a great product, but I can’t make a decision that involves this much money in one night.  I like to research everything that costs that much before I buy it.  I mean, how do I know that there’s not a competitor of yours that does not have the overhead costs of going from home to home that sells the product for $3000?”

I think it was at this point that she realized we were smarter than her average household, because she started packing her things up.  She realized we weren’t going to be buying tonight, and explained that we could always purchase it later at the same price, but we wouldn’t get the free 6 year supply of cleaning products.  So she packed everything up and started heading out the door when I asked her if she had any information about the company she worked for (because she didn’t leave us a way to get back in touch with her).  She said she didn’t have anything other than a business card, which she gave to me at that point in time.  The business card had her first name on it (no last name) and was printed on a home computer.

So, like any budget-minded person would do, I immediately went to Google after she left, and looked for “RainSoft water reviews.”  Guess what I found.  A lot of unhappy customers.  I read review after review about how they are pushy to try to make a sale, how they do anything possible to not let you return it once you say you want it, and every once in a while a good comment about how it’s a great system but way overpriced.  Almost everyone said you could find something just as good but much cheaper, which was my gut feeling as well.

Never make a major purchase decision on the spot.  It is almost always a bad idea.  Anything that is semi-major of a purchase (let alone $6400) requires research and patience.  If you feel pressured into buying something, just say no.  You’ll almost always regret it later if you don’t.

I am convinced that we should do something to get better water, but I know it’s not going to be using RainSoft’s products.  We learned some stuff from her, but will find something that is a little more practical (and won’t pressure us into buying it).  Oh well, at least we got a $20 gift card to Home Depot. 🙂

Update: We ended up getting a Whirlpool water softener from Lowes for $400, and installed it ourselves.  It works great, and uses very little salt.  We’ve had it for a little over a year now.  We probably add a bag of salt every 2-3 months.

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  1. I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely love reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I liked it!

    • Thanks for your feedback and review. I just had a guy leave my house earlier today with the ‘sales pitch’ on this product. He was only an hour in but I am working 12hr rotating shift work and had to get up out of bed to listen with my wife. Sounded good but we never got to the price. I simply asked him to come back at another time when we had more time to go over this product. It started to sound more and more like a sales pitch.

  2. i have been reading your blog from sometime and i must say you always maintain good consistency,hence i always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. My husband is meeting with one of these people as we speak. I don’t know if its the same Rain Soft brand but the story sounds the same and they offered him a free 3 day trip to anywhere in the country. Sounds pretty fishy but we’ll see. Thanks for your post.

  4. The same thing happened to my husband and I when we went to home depot in Rockwall….they have tried to schedule a day to come out but three times we have changed it. They offer trips at a resort and 500 dollars worth grocery coupons…it simply sounds too good to be true…I am not sure I should even meet them….I am afraid it’s fraud….I want to call HOme Depot and ask them about it because maybe they can tell me if it’s a fraud. That way I don’t have to waste my time meeting them. Anyway, can someone let me know if this is a fraud and how it all ends??

    • I thought it was worth meeting with them, just be prepared to say no to anything they offer. They give you good information about your water though, so I’d do it again if they offered it to me (plus, you get a $20 gift card).

  5. Thanks for this! I had them call to book this and I figured they wanted to sell something like that. But wow that is a lot of money!!!

  6. I went thru the same water test sales pitch back in 1999 by Rain Soft. Granted the salesman’s little softener does make the water nice and smooth. Back in 1999 the system was $4000.00+ , you have got to be kidding me. For 4 grand I could soften at least a dozen homes in my area. This is a massive scam and I guess they’re still at it because somebody must be falling for it.

  7. Read this and could not help but laugh. HD recently began offering free water testing in our community as well: you can pick up a ‘free’ kit on the way out the door, and send a sample of your water in for testing, postage paid. I picked one up and as soon as I read the card you are supposed to submit (“completely” filled in) along with the sample, I smelled a rat – so I hit google and found your site.

    The pitch you got sounds like it must be the standard for these things. Nine years ago, I naively invited a local water softener dealer into the house for a ‘free’ water test – what ensued was nothing more than an excuse for a high-pressure sales pitch, using the exact same tactics you were subjected to! Not to mention selling the same type of equipment for the same outrageously inflated price. These people must all learn their ‘business’ at the same trade fair…

  8. Hey there,

    Thanks So much for posting your experience. I had fallen for the same scam. Luckily they couldn’t make it to my place on time and I Googled what it was all about. After reading this, I called back and cancelled, and told them I am not interested. U saved me two hrs of my time and the wife’s wrath.my water is perfectly fine..


  9. I just sat through one of these myself. I knew it was going to be “that kind” of sales pitch when they were so insistent my wife be present too. My experience was exactly like yours. The guy had an amazing presentation and i was sold…until that $6400 price tag came up. As soon as I said that was about double what i’d even consider spending, he was packing up and out the door, nothing else to say. I can safely say he convinced me to buy a water filter system…just not theirs.

  10. Just scheduled my appointment….guess who will be canceling. :o) My husband immediately picked up on the fact it was probably a huge sales push, so I went to google and found this. Thanks for the info everyone!!! Little bummed because I want a free water test without a pushy sales person!!

  11. I picked up the same free water test from Home Depot, completed the form and submitted a sample for the test. Just received a call from a lady and she scheduled a tech to come to my house tomorrow in the evening to test our water.

    My suspicion was about the tech coming in the evening, so I googled this Home Depot free water test and came across these reviews.
    Seems like their visits are mostly at night, even though I told the lady that I would be available even earlier.
    Would anyone know why they always want to send a tech in the evening?

    • Our appointment was in the evening too, but I wasn’t available during the day. I didn’t know they only do evenings. Maybe it’s due to the fact that most people aren’t available during the day, but I’m not sure.

    • I too picked up one of these free testers and mailed it it. 2-3 months later a “tech” called me saying they found some impurities in the water and wanted to come out to do some further testing. I agreed but when he found out my husband would not be available at that time he wanted to reschedule due to their “safety policy” that both homeowners be present. I told him no problem my oldest son (age 30) and his children would be here with me, he still refused to come at that time. I smell a rat and started looking this up and found this. At first this concerned me about my water because my twin grand babies live with me and I didn’t know what was meant by some “impurities” and I was worried. I think it is bad business to say something like that when there is probably nothing to worry about anyway. Thanks for the article.

  12. Well sir you and your readers just saved me a bunch o’ trouble. I was in my local NJ Home Depot and they had a nice big rack of lil ole En-vee-lopes labeled in Home Depot Orange “The Home Depot Free Water Test” with a test tube you fill then mail in for free to “Preferred Water Testing” in Ridgefield NJ. As mentioned above there is a questionnaire inside which includes some serious “none of your frackin’ business” questions such as am I a homeowner, when did I purchase my home and how old I am. The kicker is that while the page says that one should “allow one week for results of the water analysis” what it DOES NOT SAY is HOW YOU WILL RECEIVE THESE RESULTS! I was mentally assuming – and hullo do we all know where that leads – it would be a nice little typewritten report, but since I too am a believer in the “if it looks too good to be true” school – thanks Mum – was of course suspicious enough to do the research that led me here. And I have NO interest in letting these kind of salesthieves into my home!

    So I assume Preferred is the local variant of Rain Soft and am duly grateful for the heads up and am posting this so that others in my area can find their way here.

    If anyone has any reason to think I’m wrong about the connection between the above and what caused you to write your post, please add it here and I’ll keep checking!

    So thanks again, Alley

  13. WOW! I think you just saved a ton of hassle. I just talked to guy that called to setup an appointment for someone else to come out and “test” my water for free. It started with the offer for the Home Depot $20 gift card some lady made to me in a Home Depot store while I was shopping. I had forgotten about it until the guy called. But when he called I pressed him to tell me what the company was that he was really working for. He kept saying “Home Depot” until finally he said “oh..we are an affiliate of Home Depot…” I was curious, just like you, to find out about my water. But based on your experience, I think this is going to be one of “those” types of experience and I shall surely cancel that appointment. The gift card is not worth the hassle. Thank you for sharing.

  14. You don’t get something for nothing people. “I wanted free stuff but then I found out they wanted to sell me something – those b@stards!” there is no free lunch.

    I figured something was going to be sold, but now that I hear the likely price tag, lol I’d rather replace my 45year old gas furnis for that price. It might actually pay for itself in time.

    In other news, your SEO is working great for you, first link in Google.

    • @A Kairis, I agree with you, nothing is free. But I asked the person calling me what they wanted to sell me. I was ok with a sales pitch but I wanted to know in advance what it was they were selling. Instead of a response to my question they asked me the questions some other posters noted – are you a home owner, what do you do for a living, how many people live in your house, etc. But no answer to what they wanted to sell me. Just a “They will be testing your water for impurities.” I’m glad I came across this article so that I could spare myself the aggravation of the hard sell.

  15. Whew! These people are scheduled to come to my house on Saturday morning. Now that I know the gist of their coming out, I’ll be sure to cancel. I don’t mind losing out on that $25 HD gift card (it’s not worth 2 hours of my time) … same for the $25 restaurant gift card I would get for keeping my original appointment. Now, let’s hope they don’t give me the runaround when I try to cancel. Hopefully if I tell them I have no interest in spending $6,400 on their system, they’ll take my no for an answer. Thanks for the post!!!

  16. I too recently picked up the ‘free water test’ envelope at my local HD and although I already get water testing results from my municipality I thought this would be a nice little “extra” test to have. But was skeptical because they seemed to ask questions that shouldn’t really concern them, as another poster pointed out, such as are you a homeowner and how long have you owned the home. I guess they don’t care about renters b/c renters would not be able to put in an expensive water system. So after reading the comments here and on other websites I think I’ll just skip it. It’s a shame too, if they would just send a written report with the results and give the option to follow-up with a vist then I think I would do the test. I realize they can’t be as pushy that way, but I also think they might drum up more business by being more professional about it, and not trying their high pressure sales pitches every chance they get.

  17. Wow, I wish I would have looked this website up before the appointment. My told me we had an appointment with HD water softner people. The called the night before to make the appointment on Easter weekend, so that should have been a hint. After the presentation, the lady wanted us to go in the room and talk about our decision. She packed up her equipment really fast after I told her that she doesn’t dictate when or where we make decisions about my house. I wasn’t sure how much a water softner system cost, but I knew it wasn’t $6400.

  18. We too had the water test but I don’t think they do anything with the little vial they get other than throw it away. The amount of water required to do the tests in the home was at least 20 times that amount.
    Anyway, she said the nitrates wer 2 ppm and how bad the nitrates are for you etc etc… and later I find that the EPA max level is 10 ppm. The dissolved solids were 75 by my test meter and 68 by her test meter a variance which I would expect for my $15 tester. So the test on the water of the filtered refrigerator water was that it had no clorene which was natural, but she said it was bad as she was testing the hardness, like the charcoal filter would take any minerals out. Catching on to these little white lies turned me off. I ask about the effect of the sodium after the softener and was told that would be taken out by the reverse osmosis included in the $9695 price. But if we got it today it would only be $6995 (financed) $5500 if we paid cash. I already had a quote from a local company for $2999 installed, whom I will go with since they have been around for a long time, and I can call them to service if there is a problem.

  19. I am scheduled for Saturday 3pm appointment, I will surely be cancelling.
    Lady on phone was nice but constantly asking about my significant other and must be present. Definitely a scam after reading this. Big thanks to all on this site – saved me my Saturday!!

  20. Yup. Same thing happened to us. When I asked what our time frame was to discuss, he got mad and said ‘now, this is it’. He then realized I wasn’t going to just say yes and fork over $7000 so he began to pack up. I ask if we had to do a package or if we could just get the water system and he literally said ‘you’d be retarded not to get the whole package’. BYE! Very rude, unnecessary pushy sales and definitely offensive verbage. Waste of 2 hours. I could even go without the $20 gift card just to not have had that man in my home.

  21. Add me to the list of folks who should have Googled before setting an appointment. He’s in the other room with my husband now (and, yes, we both had to be here) but I begged off and am in the living room now. I just called my husband in on the pretense of my having a computer problem and whispered “He’s going to try to sell us a $7,000 system.” At least now it won’t be such a shock. Fortunately, he’s not pushover and there’s no way we’d pay that much. What’s amusing is that my husband knows more about water than this salesman and my husband asks him a question that’s not covered in the script, it completely throws the dude. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  22. The only thing I would add to all this is this is a shame for Home Depot to be engaging in this sort of business.
    In case you didn’t guess it by now, nobody tests that little tube with water that you send in.
    It’s not even labeled and they have no way to track it to you.
    “Preferred Water Testing” discards it, and uses information you send them as a sales lead.
    And Home Depot gets a cut from these sales, for posting these envelopes in their stores, and misleading people into thinking they are somehow behind this.

    Unlike “Preferred Water Testing”, Home Depot is a brand name, and they are putting their reputation on the line by associating themselves with this scam.

    • Your water is tested by them, but only for 2 things, Hardness and TDS. Its a shame the way they go about things because I have this top of the line rainsoft system and it really is amazing and worth every penny I spent on it. My previous filtration system was one of those cheap-o ones and my water was never this good.

  23. I finally accepted a call from the number they keep using here since it was local and thought perhaps it was important. I never filled out any information from individuals within the store, nor did I get a home water testing kit. The only trigger was the purchase of a new refrigerator. I am glad that I Googled this before agreeing to an appointment. I honestly have no desire to get my water checked and a $20 gift card is not worth the time or hassle. Thanks for the helpful feedback!

  24. So I just got done this LENGTHY in-home assesment. After reading all of your very helpful reviews here, I will say to anyone none-the-wiser, tread lightly. During the inital phone call to set up my appointment, they asked vague questions about my water and focused more on my, and girlfriends financial standing. We are by no means struggling and I believe thats why they use the questionaire that comes in the home depot envelope. The salesman arrives at our new home (new to us), seems like a decent man, so I give him a chance. He unloads his arsenal of chemicals, test tubes and beakers and begins to enlighten us on how the sky is falling. For those of you who keep an open mind and know the dangers of long term use of tap water, you will not be surprised of anything they throw at you. We know about nitrates, chlorine, and fluoride etc. The salesman tells me he is a manager, and also a nutritionist (though I could not find anything registered regarding his credentials as such) so I take him for what he is worth.

    -He has a binder with newspaper clippings telling us the dangers of tap water.
    -He tests our water, shows us its crap. We know, thanks.
    -He tells us we wont pay anything out of pocket, and the system pays for itself, says we wont need many cleaning products including bath soap, laundry soap, even window cleaner(?), and voila, by not buying those products you will spend it on his system.
    -He shows us his all natural organic soaps etc, and puts down all the major brands for not listing the chemicals theyre not required to list on the product, yet the product he has does not list ANYTHING.
    -He drops the bomb on us about wanting to purchase right then and there, leaving out where a salesmen would come by at a later date to assess our home and what we need, that he mentioned earlier (he is the salesmen, there is no one else.)
    -We were hit with a surprise with his all or nothing deal, and wanted a yes or no then and there. I wanted to respect this man and accept it, but my girlfriend and I did not have good feelings about this “great” offer, so we respectfully decline.
    -He then hurries to pack up his sales material and is reluctant to even give us time to make such a decision on the 7000.00 system. Had to pry to get a business card.

    That is the gist of the situation, but I also will note, that the system started off ar 9850.00 until we were randomly selected to participate in this program where we needed to have a sign in our yard for 30 days and recieve calls to give testimonials to other potential buyers in our area at a moments notice, and write a letter on behalf of the company praising this system, and then it would be roughly 6400.00 because they knocked off some cost for doing this. As I sit here and read other reviews that you have all written, they offer the same price, but without the hassle of doing the marketing for these people that I was told I would have to do.

    So TL;DR (too long; didnt read), please be aware of the garbage these people are trying to scare you in to buying. Yes, your water is very unhealthy, and yes you should do something about it. But not for the price they are asking because its far beyond other good offers you can get from a local competitor.

  25. Thanks, I will throw this sample and envelope in the trash. Was sending it in today but gut feeling says google it and see if there were any complaints! Thanks for your blog you have saved us a lot of time, money and frustration. God bless you!

  26. When the iPhone was first introduced people thought the price was to high yet it was the best selling phone of it’s kind. People purchase BMW’s, Corvettes and other overly priced vehicles when a lessor car will do. I had the test and purchased the system and it is one of many great investments I’ve mad for my family who currently happen to be the most important asset I have and need to protect. The water is poison and needs to be filtered and it’s just that simple. I am not saying to buy a rainsoft product however I chose them for the lifetime warranty on everything and the worry free operation of the unit. As far as a scam – I think those are harsh words. When I purchased my daughter’s car, I went in for one car and purchased another after discovering it would suit my daughters needs better then my first choice. When I do research I look for both good and bad stories and not someplace to rant because other have. What company doesn’t have complaints? Apple currently in several law suits.
    The person in my home was courteous, knowledgeable and informed me about sites that may not see the value in what they do. It’s unfortunate that the company doesn’t have more control over who represents them.

    • The product may be fine for you, but I read more negative reviews than positive. I also think that if companies have to resort to a “buy it now or you’ll never get this good of a deal again” approach, something is definitely wrong. Their business model is one that just screams scam. I would question how good the “lifetime warranty” would be if you ever actually needed to use it. Everything about the way this company does business screams scam.

      • I guess you never purchased a new car J.D. The guy always has to come from the back with the best deal… just so you buy that day. I really don’t like to deal with any hard sale person but, I will admit that every so often coming across such a person actually benefits me as it did in this case… admit tingly I can probably count the number of time on one hand I received an actual benefit. I’m not saying it’s the best business model and scams are handled legally by the authorities. As far as the lifetime warranty… I’ll leave speculation for those who choose to indulge in speculating. I just wanted to express the good experience I had in case anyone wanted to hear both sides.

        • Actually, I have purchased a few new cars. I have a whole article written on it that details out the whole process for getting the absolute best deal. It doesn’t even involve talking to a salesman.

          But on the subject of this article, I am sure there are people that have a good experience with the company, but I’m sure they are few and far between. Even if it was a really good experience for you, I’m sure you could have gotten a better deal by doing more research, which is what this type of hard sell experience tries to stop you from doing by making you buy on the spot.

          • Bradley, how many of these do you actually sell every month? I am guessing if you can average 1 per week you are bringing in a fairly decent commission. Your responses scream company employee loud and clear. Just as we are not fooled into buying your product on the spot for a ridiculous price, we are also not fooled into believing you are a typical American home owner who wants to spread the amazing abilities of Rainsoft. I would like to hear how real people in their home are enjoying their product but not from someone pretending to not work for the company. This deception is even more of a turn off on this product.

  27. Hi! Glad I found your website. I too, picked up a “free” water test packet at HD today…suspected it was too good to be true. I also, didn’t like the questions…sort of the same questions you get asked right before you sit down to a high pressure time share grilling.

    I’ll be receiving a reasonably-priced, highly-rated electronic water tester in the next couple of days and will do my own testing for my untreated faucet water, spring water that’s currently in my water cooler and then filtered tap water that will go into my water cooler once I determine that it’s suitable and safe.

    It would serve this *scam-pany* proper if people simply send in the postage-paid envelopes without including any personal information, just to force them to pay for the postage…:).

  28. Thank you for your blog post! You helped us avoid wasting a few hours of our time – I cancelled before the test (I know our water is bad already). I knew something was fishy when they called a few times in the morning of the appointment to make sure both my wife and I would be available for the entire hour.

  29. Thanks for the great article. They have scheduled appointments with us and twice not shown up. I am sure they will call a third time and try to make another appointment, at which point, I will refuse due to the unprofessional demeanor so far with not showing up despite pushing for and securing appointments.

    Although, I did have a great idea of what one should do – an existing Rainsoft customer should pick up one of those kits and put water in from their own system into the kit and wait for the analysis results. I am curious to hear if they will use the standard “problem with your water” pitch line, at which point, you call them out on it and threaten to pursue legally.

  30. I did the free HD kit, and just got the phone call. They said they did two ‘preliminary’ tests that detected high levels of heavy particulates which could be dissolved materials like…., and a high hardness. They recommended an extensive and free testing. I asked if they could break down the findings. It was fishy to me that they would give these broad categories which may be benign stuff lumped together with harmful. She said the sample was to small for such testing. I took the name of hte company ‘Preferred Water’ phone number and hung up.

  31. Guess what everyone, I am an employee of the very same company you’ve been bashing all along and I’d like to address some of your concerns/accusations.

    Now, I realize that the people who read this blog about personal finance are savvier than other people but please don’t insult me by comparing our system to something you bought for $400. My car is worth $400 and I love it! It gets me where I want to go but I don’t compare it what you drive.

    Now, you people are all very bright and you KNOW your water is bad that’s why you took the envelope in the first place.

    What we do is send someone to your home to SHOW you how bad it is.

    And we offer you a solution. If you don’t like the person or the method or the price, well we thank you for the time and we hope you learned something. But DO NOT accuse of being underhanded in anyway.

    Do you want us to be 100% honest? Fine. Your fat, your bald, you drink too much, your kids are no good and your drinking poisonous chemicals. (Your $400 softener doesn’t take out chlorine or ammonia) The good news is we can help you with the last part. (Actually, clean water might help all them!)

    Rainsoft has been around since 1953, Home Depot IS the largest retailer of home services. IT IS NOT A SCAM.

    Go to http://www.facebook.com/preferyourwater I put up pictures of families whose lives have been changed by what we do. That’s my job and I love it! How many of you can say that?

    So now, everyone on this blog knows my name, where I work and how to contact me.
    Please reach out to me if you feel that we are dishonest or wronged you in anyway.

    Here’s my advice to you money savvy people out there. Buy they system and THEN go do your “research” and if you can find one cheaper that works better and can give you the same quality water – we’ll give you ours for FREE! How’s that for your budget?

    • The scam part is HOW you do business. You might well have a good product (not as good as other products I’ve seen for half the price), but you force people to make a $4000 decision in one night (and get mad when we say we can’t make an impulsive decision that quickly). That $4000 price is variable as well, based on what other people have said here, and what I’ve read on other boards. If you have a good product, you should have a set, standard price, and not force customers to make a big purchase decision on the spot. That’s the whole reason I got so worked up about this, and why I consider it a scam.

      And I quickly found out right after you left why you guys want to sell it on the spot. Just google “Rainsoft reviews” and you’ll see a whole lot of negative information, and VERY few positive. So you can say it’s not a scam all you want, but the people who read this blog are intelligent enough to find out the truth.

    • I think you need to be fired for making the comments about what you really think!!

      “Do you want us to be 100% honest? Fine. Your fat, your bald, you drink too much, your kids are no good and your drinking poisonous chemicals. (Your $400 softener doesn’t take out chlorine or ammonia) The good news is we can help you with the last part. (Actually, clean water might help all them!)”

      I hope you have a better sales pitch to the unemployment office, with comments like that you are in the wrong business!!!

      Oh and you forgot to put your last name up and the location of your employment, since you guaranteed your product that would be most useful!!

  32. What a scam, sent pure bottled water sample, they have called me 3 -4 times every day trying I guess to sell me some sort of treatment system which I don’t need but maybe Poland Spring does. Avoid at all cost!!!!

  33. I just got ‘the phone call’ with my test results, but I felt a little uneasy so I did a web search and found articles like these. Sounds really over the top and I’ll not be letting them in my house for a presentation. I have better things to do… 😛

  34. got the ‘water test’ results call today from Perferred Water Testing at 201.808.6708 and spoke with EJ who got snippy when I asked for the results and why the ‘free’ test or are they trying to sell me something? She wouldn’t say why they couldn’t give me the results & I said I was concerned that she had all my info and I knew nothing about them. I also had questions about ‘privacy’ (where my results & info would end up) and was given to Rea the ‘manager’ who got even more arrogant and hung up on me. When I called back she wouldn’t talk to me and put me on hold for 10 minutes to get me the ‘general manager’ who never got on the line and made me leave a message at extension #1410. If this isn’t a high pressure ‘scam type’ company I don’t know what is? I have a mind to start a classs action suit against them & Home Depot for not vetting this company or at very least a written complaint to the FTC. Anyone concur?

  35. Preferred water testing in Union NJ is the Rainsoft dealer for most of NJ. It is owned by Ed O’Neill. Google this, “Ed O’Neill Lakewood, NJ”
    Yup, convicted felon for bribery. This is recent, not 5-10 years ago. Is Home Depot aware of who they are doing business with???????
    Some shady stuff going down in New Jersey!!!!!!!
    Good luck, Rainsoft with this guy being a part of you business model!
    Maybe Bernie Madoff (“made off “, with your money) can get a dealership too!!!!!!

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