Online Store – Adding Pictures

Today was picture day.  I took my first pictures of products I will be selling on my store:  The very first ones I took (some banana plugs) ended up taking me about 4 hours to get just right.  After that, the rest came pretty easy.

I didn’t have to end up making a light box.  Someone I work with is a photographer, and she had one I could use.  I used three daylight bulbs, one on the top and one on each side, which seemed to get enough light to make the pictures look good.

My coworker also gave me a camera to use.  It takes some really good pictures.  I had to read up some on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings to get the camera adjusted the way I wanted it.  I ended up brightening the shot a little with the settings, so I didn’t have to tweak it at all once it was on my computer.  I just cropped out the section I wanted, got rid of the background, and put it up on the store.

It’s amazing how much more real it seems when you add some pictures to your products.  It feels like I’m finally starting my own business, and it makes me want to get the checkout process up and running.  It’ll come with time though.  Still lots to do before I’m officially open for business: tax identification, business checking account, merchant account/gateway, design, etc.

The design should be started sometime next week, according to my designer.  We talked for a few hours over the past couple days to get on the same page about how it’ll look/work.

I feel really good about how things are going so far.  I’d love to take a few days off work to get this really rolling, but it’ll just have to take lots of nights and a few weekends instead.

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