New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – One Month

It’s now February, so I thought I’d give an update on how my New Year’s goals have been working out so far.  It’s nice to review your goals once a month to make sure you stay on track (and don’t forget about them altogether).  So if you haven’t reviewed the progress on your New Year’s goals, go ahead and take a look at them.

  1. Sell old house.
    Our renters are in our old house until May.  Sometime this month, I’ll start working with a realtor to put it up on the market.  So far, nothing to report, as expected.
  2. Reduce non-house debt by 47.57%.
    Reduced by 4.68% so far, so we are actually a little ahead of pace.  Selling our old house is a big part of the plan, but we’re already ahead of the pace (3.96%).  I also started a new business, so I will need to recover some of our emergency fund as well, so this could slow things down a bit.
  3. Be able to jog 5 miles without walking.
    I actually thought my goal was 3 miles on this one, so this is a good reason to check in on your goals monthly.  After the first month, I thought I was on a good pace to hit 3 miles by the end of the year.  I’ll have to step this up a notch.  I have run/walked 3 miles on three occassions, though.  The first time it took me 30.5 minutes, the second took me 29 minutes, and the third 26.5 minutes.  The third time was actually today, and I ran two miles straight through for a time of 16:40.
  4. Do 100 push-ups in 3 minutes.
    I feel that I’m on pace for this task, but it is starting to get much more difficult as I climb up in repititions.  I’m following the One Hundred Push Ups I mentioned in an earlier post.
  5. Do 200 sit-ups in 3 minutes.
    I feel that I’m on a good pace to hit this number.  I’m following the Two Hundred Situps page I mentioned earlier.

In general, I think I’m on pace to hit my goals.  I did get sick one week out of the month, so that slowed down my progress on my workout goals a little.  I’m also having a hard time fitting 3 workouts in every week (psychologically, not time-wise), so I feel that I could be doing better in that area.

Writing about my goals helps keep me motivated too.  If you’re having trouble sticking with yours so far, maybe you need to find out how to motivate yourself.  How are you doing so far with your New Year’s goals?

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals – Progress Update – One Month

    • Sweet! I didn’t know you had a blog. I’ll add it to my feeds, so I can keep up with it. So you’re doing New Year’s Goals too. Congratulations. Something else we can compete on. 🙂

      • Haha thanks and yes I love a good competition! I just started my blog this year when I started my New Year’s goals. I figured it would be a good way for me to keep on track.

  1. Nice running goals! I’m working towards something similar with the culmination of my effort being a 10 mile run on February 19th ( This post actually gave me a virtual kick in the ass to get out and train the other day when is was -1 degrees out. Despite the wicked temperatures, I got in 5 miles with a decent pace while the snow was coming down. Were you a runner in high school / college? It is totally new to me and I’m just now starting to really enjoy it.

    • Wow, Peter. That’s really impressive. I’m glad this post helped motivate you. 🙂 I ran track in grade school for a couple years, but I’ve never really been a “runner.” I always incorporated running in other things though (like baseball, etc.), and liked running from that aspect. It’s just now that I’m trying running on it’s own. I feel that I need to just to stay in shape, but I am starting to enjoy it a little. Hopefully that trend will continue, and I’ll eventually enjoy running all the time. But I can feel a difference now. I actually want to start running after a couple days of not doing it, just because I feel better afterward.

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