New Year’s Goals – Progress

It’s January 15th, and I’d say I’m doing okay on my workout goals.  I decided to go a full 3 miles today, and see how long it takes me.  I ran/walked it in 30 minutes, 30 seconds.  I’ve been trying to run at least a mile three times a week.  So far, I’ve been doing it.

As far as the push ups and sit ups go, I found a nice little program that has been working well so far.  I just found them last weekend, so I’ve only done a week so far.  The push ups program is called One Hundred Push Ups.  I just finished up week one, 11-20 push ups.  The sit ups is something very similar: Two Hundred Sit Ups.  I started this one at week 3, 21-30 sit ups, and just completed week 1.

My financial goals are just as I expect them to be right now.  I paid extra on our student loans, which is pretty much automatic at this point.  The real test with that is what we end up doing with the extra cash we get throughout the year (bonuses, tax refund, selling old house, etc.).

So I’d say I’m doing pretty good with my New Year’s goals, as it’s always been difficult for me to keep up a workout routine.  I’m trying to take it slower this time, so I can do just that: make it a routine.  Then I can adjust it as needed.  Right now, I run between a mile and a mile and a half, and follow the push up and sit up routines already mentioned.

It’s still early in the year, but you gotta start strong, right?  I hope you’ve been keeping up with your New Year’s goals.  Hopefully, you set something.  If not, think of something you’d like to do this year, and start it now.  I’ll post once a month from here on out, letting you know how I’m doing, and hopefully it’ll serve as a reminder and motivation for you.  Me knowing I’m going to write about it once a month has helped to keep me motivated so far.

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