White Hall Road Trip

These were taken on our last-minute decision to make a road trip to the wonderful town of White Hall (there's SO much to see there, can't you tell?). Ashly wanted to see where Lilly grew up, so we decided to go one day when we were bored. Some good pictures were taken with a regular camera, so I'm going to see if I can get them scanned and put them up here :)

Ashly wanted a picture of the sign to White Hall.
The only problem is she took it with the flash on, so
it got reflections from the glass (since we stayed
in the car for the pic).


This is as good as I could fix it up.

Ashly wanted a picture of the "Green County Ambulance"
on the road, so I took one. The flash was off, so
I had to lighen it up, so it doesn't look the greatest.


Lilly and Holly posing outside Wal-Mart in Jerseyville.


Lilly driving. She almost killed us! Never ride with
this woman. j/k




Here's a picture of the Clark Bridge in Alton.
It looks so pretty at night, but it is hard to take
a picture of it in the dark.