Trip to Utah, May 2003

One of my best friends, Erin, bought a car here in Illinois, and she was movin back to Utah. I drove out there with her. These are from our trip.
INTERESTING FACT: "Horses" and "rocks." Don't ask.....

We kept seeing signs in Nebraska that said, "Fines
Double." They were supposed to be for road
construction, but we saw them on more signs than not.

Look, HORSES!!!

A better picture of those "horses." Too bad I didn't
get a picture of the "rocks."


At the end of our LOOOOOONG trip through
Nebraska, we ended up in Ogallala. Never drive
through Nebraska! If you see the first five minutes
of the state, you've seen it all! P.S. Ogallala's
restaurants close at 9 p.m., if you were wondering.

Middle of May, and we ran into snow. We ran into
ALL kinds of weather, ranging from pouring down
rain (we just missed the tornados) to sleet to so much
snow we couldn't see 20 ft. in front of us! But it
still felt good to get out of Nebraska (this was in


More snow! I-80 must get a lot of snow, considering
they had flashing lights for when the interstate closes.


Look at the fog. Doesn't it look pretty?

Take a close look at the sign. We were driving, so
it didn't turn out so good. If you can't figure it out,
ask me about it.

This was taken when we got to Utah.


It was pretty foggy when we got up in the mountains.


Drove right through the mountains.


Isn't it such a pretty road to drive on?


More mountains with snow on them - right next
to where we were.


This is when we were leaving Erin's campus. The
people in Utah like to put letters on the side of the
mountains. Her school is the "University of Utah,"
or simply "The U."


We were going into town at dusk and it looked pretty.


This was taken right outside of Erin's apartment building.
We were standing next to her car when I took this.


This was still near her building. It was about a block
away. She has mountains on both sides of her


Here's another picture a little ways down.


We went to take some pictures of the city. She lives
in Salt Lake City, and it is surrounded by mountains.
The Mormon temple is somewhere in this picture,
I think surrounded by the tall buildings though.


Here's another picture of the city, more south though.


Another picture from higher up. Believe it or not,
a huge city is down there (I know it doesn't look
like it).


This is as close as we could legally get to the "U."


Here's another view from way up. It's next to the


The northern side of the city, on our drive back down
to it.


Here's a little bit of a closer view.


This is more of a southern view from where we were.


More mountains, with the city below.


A little different view.


I think this is a great view of all the differences.
It's about 70 degrees where we were, and you could
see snow on the mountaintops.


This is the stadium for the University of Utah.


Here's Erin (finally, it's the only picture I got of her
the whole trip) in front of the stadium.


Here's me in front of it as well.