Tennessee Trip '03

My uncle wanted me to take some pictures of the place we were staying. While we were in Tennessee, we played golf. That's about it. But it was a beautiful course. We even had to play around the deer on the course.
INTERESTING FACT: Even if you are terrible at golf, it is possible to have one good hole.

This is taken from the front door to the condo.


This is the kitchen.


Josh was playing around, and taking pictures of us
leaving the condo.


Here was his picture of me.


Josh getting me while I was getting into the car.


This is the outside of the condo.



I decided to get everybody when they were walking
up to the building.

A view looking out of the deck from the condo.


Josh and I slept here.


This was Josh and my bathroom.


This is Mom and Dad's room.


Mom and Dad's bathroom. They had a jacuzzi in their


Josh was trying to take pictures of the whole living
room, but none of them turned out. So I had to take
one of him to show him how to use the camera :-P


Dad is always in a hurry when we golf. These people
took their time, and eventually got 4 groups deep
waiting for them to finish.


Here's another one of them finishing up a hole.


Take a look at this view. You start at the top of a
hill, and work your way all the way around to the
right. (p.s. this was my good hole)


I like to get pictures of people taking pictures.
Dad is taking a picture of this hole.


Josh at his best, with food hanging out of his mouth.


Another view of this hole. This was where we teed


Dad getting ready to hit.


Another view of this hole.


This was where my first hit went. It went to the next
tee off. They were all making fun of me, but I hit it on
the green from here, and parred the hole.


Josh took a picture of me after I hit the ball. It is
on the green.


Dad taking a picture of what the hill looks like from
the bottom part.


This is what the tees look like from the fairway.
The top hill is where we hit from. Then I hit
the ball to the second hill, lol.


This was Josh's second hit. He was practicing. His
still wasn't as good of a hit as mine.


I told Mom to get out of the way so I could get a
picture of Josh. So she just looked at me.


Here's a picture of one of the deer we saw. It was in
the middle of the fairway before it was here.


Josh took this picture of Mom and Dad when we
got back to the car.


Everybody putting things away, except for Josh.


Dad wanted a picture of Stonehenge golf course.
We didn't play there, but it is one of the nicest
golf courses in the state of Tennessee.