Here are some pictures of my dog. Isn't he so cute? He was born on October 25, 1991, so he's 11 now. He's getting pretty old, but he will always be my little puppy.

Here's where my puppy sits while he is waiting for somebody
to come home. It's right in front of the door to our house.
He lays there and looks out the window. I love this picture!


This was taken on December 14th. Obviously it was before
he got his hair cut (he needed one bad).

I needed a picture of my doggie after he got his hair cut,
and this was the one where he actually looked at me.


Here's Sparky on April 19th, 2003, sitting in his usual
spot - right next to somebody.

Here's Sparky in his other usual spot - sitting on a
blanket and/or pillow, with his head hanging over the
end of the couch.