Here are some pictures that deal with a couple robots I've used during my college career at SIUE.

We took mug shots of everybody on my Senior Project
team to put on our project website, and this is of me.
I was the Team Leader. If you wanna find out more
about our Senior Project, go to


This is Peter. He did most of the work on our project.
He's a very intelligent guy.


This is Brad.




This is the robot we used. His name is Speedy.
Say, "Hello, Speedy."


This is toward the beginning of the project, when we
were trying to get Speedy to move toward a chair.


This is him moving toward the chair.


This is the chair we were using. The pink paper is how
Speedy can recognize it as a chair.


This picture was taken after our presentation to the
faculty. We did better than we thought :) Too bad
the picture didn't turn out that good.



I used this robot for my AI class, along with my Robotics
class. He got the nickname Robbie in my Robotics
class. His real name is "Eyebot."


Here's Robbie from another angle.


This is Robbie from the side.