River Party '03

Every year, we have a family get-together at my parents cabin on the Illinois River. This year was the last. They sold the cabin less than a week after these pictures were taken. Mom and Dad owned this fine piece of property for 28 years. If you are going to sell something that's been owned by one person for that long, why not sell it to a relative (Justin)? The day was fun though. If you want a full size image of any pictures, just click on the image.
INTERESTING FACT: Nobody knew that hitting a golf ball into a river from on top of a water bottle would be so hard. Josh seemed to have it down though. He hit the ball farther from sitting it on top of a water bottle than he did from a tee!

This is where it all happened. A little bitty place in the
middle of nowhere.

A very rare "couple" picture of my parents.

A picture of the back of the cabin. Dad's off on the
left, and Josh is laying in the hammock.
We were just waiting for people to arrive.

Josh laying in the hammock.

Ann took a few pictures. Here's one she took of
Abby in the pool.

Here's another one Ann took. She got the kids in
the boat, fishing.

Mary and Abby in the pool. The pool was a big
part of the party. The kids loved it!

Another one of themy playing in the pool.

Mom was taking a picture of me, so I took one of her
at the same time.

Nick fishing.

Here's Ann's picture of Abby sitting on the back of the
boat, while everyone else on the boat fishes.

Ann's picture of Abby holding Emma.

The beginning of the Long Drive Contest.

Dad hitting for the Long Drive Contest. He went first.

Dad watching his ball land in the river.

Malawy hitting the ball. He had one of the longest
drives (Imagine that)..

I don't think Mandy was supposed to be hitting golf
balls, but she did anyway. She couldn't swing very
well though. We all know she would have hit better
if it were about 8 months ago...

Justin's swing. He won the contest.

Here's the first fish caught of the day. Jacob was
the quickest catch.

Nick was in the Long Drive Contest as well. Look
at that eye contact. He's a natural!

Here's another swing by Nick.

Justin brought washers, and here's him playing.

Here's Rick playing washers. He was about the best
out of everybody. He moved so quick that he got
blurry... hehe

Doesn't this just scream "Take your kid fishing?"
There's nothing like a father/son combination for
fishing, is there?

While others fished, played washers, went on boat
rides, these people just decided to relax and hang

Nettie with her fish.

Here's Mandy, relaxing. Aunt Jan is in the background.

I told Uncle Dave I was going to take his picture.
So he waved.

Coming back from the second boat ride of the day.

A close up of everybody on the boat. A lot of people
like to go on the boat rides.

Getting ready to land.

They had to drop Emma off. She didn't like the ride
at all.

Nick and his fish.

Another one of Nick and his fish. This was the largest
of the day.

Another one of Nick and his fish.

There's Emma. She kept giving me that look, so I
thought everybody else would want to see it.

Mary is "helping" Byron get Nick's pole ready to
fish again.

Malawy and Uncle Dave hitting the ball "at the same
time," trying to see who can hit it further. Malawy did
not win the contest, so he had to challenge Uncle

The kids were still playing in the pool. They were
running and jumping in. Here's Taylor, in mid jump
(no, she's not standing on the edge of the pool).


Here's everybody trying to jump in at once.

There! They got it synchronized. Left to right - Joseph,
Taylor, and Jacob.

Abby with her fish she caught.

Another one of Abby and her fish.

Everybody got a turn in the hammock. These guys
are just crazy!

Here's Mary and Lizzy.

Lizzy wanted me to take a few pictures of her in this
pose, for some reason.

Here's Lizzy swinging.

Lizzy wanted me to keep taking her picture, so I did.

This one turned out pretty good.

Nick got the award for Biggest Fish Caught, and he
showed his trophy to everybody!

A picture of a few kids on the back of the boat, fishing.

This is the last picture that was taken before the cabin
was sold to Justin.

Here's a picture of the Ferry.