New Year's Eve 2002

Here are some pictures from New Year's Eve at Ashly's and Holly's apartment.

Here's a picture of Erin. This was her last night before
she went to Washington, D.C. for an internship.


A picture of Ashly and Erin together.


Ashly sat on Lilly's lap, so I took a picture of it. Nicole is
the one to the right.


I got Holly when she came inside. She never lets anybody
take her picture.




Lilly and Nicole.


I convinced Holly to let me take her picture.


She wanted one where she smiled more. So here it is.


I got a picture of Ashly talking. I'm sure she hates me
for putting her picture up here ;).


Ashly thought everything was funny, and her and
Nicole were cracking up at everything, so everybody
just quit listening to what they were saying, and just
started laughing with them.


Now Holly started to join them, with some wierd


Holly looks bored.


Ashly was still cracking up.


She was starting to settle down at this point.