My Old Apartment

Here's a tour of my old apartment (small as it is), just in case anybody's curious to see how I lived when I was in Edwardsville. If you would like to see a better image of one of these pictures, just click on it. It will be more detailed, and you can see small stuff better if you like.

This is what you would see if you just entered my apartment. All the stereo stuff on the far wall (Thanks to being
employed at Circuit City). These are my prized posessions. On the table is a chessboard my parents got me for
Christmas. The love seat is Ryan's.


Here's what the rest of the Living Room looks like. The full size couch is Darren's, with the love seat being Ryan's, and the big comfy chair is mine. I love that chair, even though it is falling apart.


Here's what you see when you enter my room. Yep! There's my bed. And the bed is never made, just so you know.
It's just more fun this way. (And yes that is Ali on the wall)


Once you enter the room and turn around to the opposite side of my bed, it's where I spend a lot of my time - my
computer. Imagine that, you'd think I was a Computer Science major or something. Anyway, This is what my
desk looks like, at least as of January 21, 2003. I changed the way my desk is set up on that day. I moved my tower
underneath the desk, in the door, so it would be quieter and I would have more room on the top of my desk.


This is the rest of that side of the room. As you can see from both of these pictures, this is my baseball wall. :) I got
some pictures from stores and even just downloaded some from online, got some as gifts, etc. I like it. It also has
some pictures of my puppy as well. Now if you can tell me every baseball player on my wall, you can be my friend
(I'm just kidding, I don't have any real restrictions like that).