Holly's and Ashly's (December 28, 2002)

Here's some pictures I took a few days after I got my camera.

Here's Ashly.


I snuck into Holly's room, and Ashly and I got her to turn
around for a picture. She knew that's what I was going
to do though.


Lilly told me she would let me take her picture if she
could look like Cousin It, so I did.


Ashly like she always is when she's sitting down - with
a pillow on her lap.


I was showing Ashly how the black and white feature


I showed Lilly how I could make pictures look like
the old brown ones.


This would have been a really good picture of Ashly if
I wouldn't have been showing her some other feature
of the camera.


I got Holly as she was walking into her room. She doesn't
like her picture to be taken.


This is a really good picture of one of Holly's looks.
It wasn't even intentional. She was looking at something
other than the camera.