Fishing Trip '03

Last year, we started an annual fishing trip on some weekend in April. It rained all last year, and we didn't fish much. This year, we fished, but most of us caught fish quickly. It was also VERY COLD at 6 a.m. on that Saturday. It was around freezing, and we were standing in water up to our waist. We went golfing, and did some friendly family gambling when we weren't fishing. I wanted to take some more pictures, but I also didn't want my camera to smell like fish.
INTERESTING FACT: Isn't it funny how you can win $120 and lose it real quick?

We went fishing in the afternoon of the first day, but
didn't catch anything. Of course that night was when
all the gambling took place. Two things about this picture:
Doesn't it look like a great gambling picture, and
why is Malawy at the head of the table?


Josh got this hat at Long John Silver's as a joke.
Everybody took turns wearing the hat. So I had
to run upstairs and get my camera.


Too bad I couldn't get it with everybody wearing it
(like Justin).


Dad is here cleaning his fish (on the left). I convinced
Rick (right) to clean mine for me. Now who got
the better deal on that one?


Here's another one of them cleaning. Too bad I
didn't get their faces.


Byron cleaning his fish.


Josh didn't get any sleep all weekend, so this was
the ride home for him.