Family Christmas 2002

My aunts, uncles, and cousins all get together on the Sunday after Christmas. Here's a few pics I took when we all got together. Sadly, somehow I didn't get a picture of everybody. Here's what I did take.

I was teaching Nicholas and Joseph how to play chess.
They both did pretty good for a long time before they quit..


I helped Joseph take a picture of Mary.


Joe took a picture of Nicholas posing for the camera.


Then it was Joseph's turn to pose.


Nicholas took a picture of his mom, Lynn.


Mom wanted to take a picture of me, otherwise everybody
but me would be on my camera.


This was taken after the Uhles's arrived. From the left:
Amelia, James, Aunt Kathleen, and Jim and Amelia's
baby, Ava.


I liked the way that Mary is holding Abby, who is holding
Jenna, so I took the pic. We needed little Mary to get
in the picture too, cause she was close by.


This is my Uncle Dave. We were at his house all day.


This is Mary and my Uncle Dick.


This was taken the first time we played "Catch Phrase."
Right to left: Rick, Jenna, Taylor, Jacob, Mary, Nicholas.


Here's Josh, and Rick holding Jenna.


Josh took this picture of Justin.


Josh also took a picture of Joel sleeping, but the flash
wasn't on, so I took another one for him.


Rick took a picture of Jacob, Joseph, and Taylor together.


We were trying to get Jacob and Mary to look at the camera,
because they were playing in the chair. Jennifer helped them
look over.


I had to take a picture of Justin holding Jenna, because
he said it will be the last time for a long time (even
though he was practicing for his own baby, which
was on the way).


All the kids were running around the house, and I stopped
Nick, because he was the first one running around.
So when I quit trying to stop him, he came running over
and tried to get me to stop him again. So I took his picture
as he came toward me.


I told nick to take a picture, and this is what he
took. Left to right: Dad, Jennifer, Aunt Kathleen,
and Tammy and Jenna (finally in her mother's arms).


Abby likes to hold the new baby (Jenna).


The second round of "Catch Phrase."
R to L: Dad, Mom, Joseph, Jenna, Tammy, Mike, and Joel.


This one was taken in complete darkness, so it was a little
blurry. Taylor and Jacob were playing in the corner,
and I thought it was cute.

I told Joseph to give me a good picture, so this was it.


He wanted to see it afterwards, and didn't like it, so
he wanted me to take another one, and this is the one
he liked (like his smile?).