Easter 2003

Easter is always held at our place. These are some pictures I took that day. Some of them turned out really good.
INTERESTING FACT: Three definite things about Easter: egg hunt, basketball, and kids.

Dad and I wanted to get a picture of everybody
together, but everybody wasn't there at the same
time. So we decided to take one of every family.
I didn't get one of everybody though (they
all decided to leave at the same time).


Nick was playing catch with his dad, Byron. This is
him fielding a ball.


Jackie is pitching to Lizzy. I pitched to her after this
picture, and man can she hit!


Every year there is an egg hunt, we have to take a
picture of all the kids in it. This was the picture from
this year. Left to right: Maggie, Sidney, Lizzy, Abby,
Taylor, Mary, and Nick.


While everybody was taking pictures of the kids,
all the grownups were standing on the deck, watching.


Here's some of them picking up eggs.



Taylor was moving around pretty quick.

Here's Maggie getting an egg. Justin had to help her out.


Here's some more kids running around, searching
for all the eggs.


Nick and Abby decided to help each other out.


Lizzy and Mary getting some eggs.


Lizzy was showing Vanessa how many she found.


This is what Easter is all about.


The Easter bunny his some eggs in the tree. Nick
found them though (with some help).


I think Nick got the most eggs. Taylor was right there
with him though.


We all went back inside to open them up.
Here's a picture of the couch after all the
eggs were dumped out.


Nick and Mary checking what's inside the eggs.


A few of the kids were sitting outside on the steps
just sitting there quietly, eating their candy. We decided
to get all the kids out there and get a picture of it.


We had to save some eggs for Joseph and Jacob.
We just had another egg hunt in the front yard.
Front row, left to right: Nick, Jacob, Joseph.
Back row, left to right: Lizzy, Abby, Taylor.


Here's all the eggs Joseph got.


Joseph, Jacob, and Joel were playing basketball.


Dad was pulling the kids around in the wagon.


Jackie, Maggie, Sidney, and Mike.


Here's Aunt Kathleen holding Jenna, and Amelia holding


Aunt Kathleen, Jennifer, Ava, Amelia, and Jim.


Amelia, Jim, and Ava.