Christmas 2002

These are some pictures I took on Christmas. Some of them are from Christmas eve, and others are on Christmas. These pictures are the first I have ever taken with my new camera, so I played around with a lot of the settings. Some of them turned out really good, and others were pretty bad quality.

This is the first picture that has ever been taken with my camera.
Dad told me I would never use it, so I figured he'd be a good first pic.


I had to get one of Mom too (with her can half out of the coolie).


There's my doggie. His name's Sparky, in case you didn't know.


Another picture of Mom. I was messing with the redeye reduction feature, and it took a picture AFTER the first flash, so she wasn't ready for it.


Another picture of Sparky.


Dad trying out his new Christmas present.
He is using his new club, along with his new golf shoes.


Josh looking at Dad's golf club. I wanted to see how the
black and white pictures look. This one turned out a little blurry.


Another one of Josh, using Dad's club. I experimented
with the "solarize" function. I think it looks cool.


Got Sparky with the solarize setting as well.


I took one of Mom without the redeye thing on, so it turned
out a little better.


Sparky sitting in one of his usual spots.


He looked at me, so I had to take another one.


Mom took a picture of me, so she could try out the camera.


I tried out the "no flash" in the dark. It was a night setting.
It looks a little funny, but it could come in useful in places
you are not supposed to have cameras. ;)


Here's another one. This one turned out a little better.


I tried one more without the flash. The big disadvantage
to this is the shutter speed is much slower (bad quality
picture). Doesn't it look like they are dancing? That's so sweet,


I took this picture before church in the morning. It's a


After Church, out the front door. Isn't it beautiful?


Out the back again. Isn't it perfect to have a white
Christmas when I have a camera now?


This is out the side of our house. See all our neighbors?


Josh knew I was going to take his picture, hence the look.


Dad's clearing out the driveway. He gets stuck right
after I took this pic. Too bad I couldn't have gotten him
after that (we had to go bail him out).

Mom and Sparky on the couch on Christmas.


This is zoomed in 6X on Mom. I wanted to see how
The digital zoom looked.


Josh wanted a shot of him hitting a golf ball into a shoe
(the shoe is off the screen).


I thought Josh was going to take a picture of Mom and me,
but he zoomed in to take a picture of my head instead.


Another one of Josh in black and white. This one was a
little more clear. He's wearing his new pajama pants
and his new sandals. (See my dog at the end of the couch?)


This is my dog's spot while somebody's gone. Dad
left for work for the day, so Sparky just looks out the
front window, waiting until he comes back. Isn't he so cute?