Cardinal Game - July 11, 2003

I went with Val to this game. I only took a few pictures, and I realized I should have gotten the people that went. Oh well, these still turned out pretty good. We were way at the top of the stadium.
INTERESTING FACT: What are the chances? Just ask me about it.

A beaufiful view.

I was going to get a picture of every All Star, but then
I realized they weren't going to turn out very good.
This is Scott Rolen. The other All Stars were Albert
Pujols, Jim Edmonds, Edgar Renteria, and Woody
Williams. Wiliams was the only non-starter.

Since we were all the way up, I wanted a view of what
it looked like behind the stadium.

Here's another one looking out of the ballpark.

Here's the same shot as before, just later on. A lot
of seats were empty for a Friday night. Only 32,XXX
were there. But then again, it was the Padres

A picture of the field during the game.

A view of how round Busch really is.

The final score. They always win when I go
(Final score 4-2, Cards).