Cardinal Game - May 2, 2003

This was my second Cards game I went to in 2003. Josh got me a free ticket that was like 20 rows behind the first base side. I went with him, Crystal, and Tom (who got the tickets). Brandt got bleacher seats before Tom got these tickets (poor Brandt).
INTERESTING FACT: The homerun I got the fireworks for was hit by Mike Matheny. How often do you see that?!?

I always see people that someone knows at games
(at least so far this year). Josh said Brandt was in
this crowd somewhere. Do you see him? Cause
I sure don't.


This turned out to be a good picture of the view we
had from our seats.


Here's Joe Buck (or maybe it's Dan McLaughlin, it's
hard to tell from this picture).


Throwing the ball around before the game.


Pujols throwing the ball back to the dugout before
the game starts.


Here's the first pitch. These people got in the way.


So here's the second pitch of the game.


Five, that's five, runs in the first inning.
What an inning!!!


I wanted a picture of the fireworks, and this was
from Mike Matheny's homerun.


Here's the last pitch of the game.


Another win!


More fireworks from the win. Aren't they cool?


Congrats on a win!