Cardinal Game - April 2, 2003

I went to the second Cards game of the year, with Josh, Ashly, Holly, and Brandt (Josh's roommate).
INTERESTING FACT: The kid that bounced, and Rolen's awesome defensive play!

Josh always has to try to get autographs before and
after the game. He's the one in the middle of the
picture, wearing the green shirt with the "purple"
hat (what an outfit to wear to a cardinal game, huh?).


Here's Jim Edmonds hitting.


Edmonds in mid swing.


Scott Rolen hitting with a runner on base.


Here's a closeup of Rolen.


Here's Albert Pujols getting a hit.


Here's after his hit, when he's rounding first base.


Here's a picture of Ashly.


Here's another one.



Josh when he knows he's going to get his picture taken.


The way Josh sat most of the game.


Here's a picture of a group of friends that Ashly and
Holly knew that was at the game. The only problem
was the person they knew was not there when this
picture was taken (They called the cell to see where
she was).


A picture Ashly took of Holly and me.


A closeup of me (which did not turn out good at all.


They had to get one of Josh and me.


Scott Rolen in the field. I took this picture for two
reasons: he's one of the best defensive third basemen
in the game, and Holly plays third base and she would
like this picture.


We wanted to get Woody Williams in action. So we
decided to take a few pictures of him.


Here's a second one.


Here's a third one.


This is Ashly being dumb and wearing my hat.


The final score - 7-0 Cards. (They always win when I
see them.)